Michigan Theatre - Escanaba MI

Address: 811 Ludington St
City: Escanaba
State: MI
Zip: 49829
County: Delta
Open: Early 1900's as Strand
Capacity: 642
Owner History:
Theater Type: Downtown Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 8695

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General Information:

AKA Strand, New Strand

From https://www.theoldmichigan.com/

The building known as the Michigan Theatre, located on main street of Escanaba Michigan, was officially dedicated on Tuesday December second of the year 1930. Formerly the location of the Strand Theatre, the building was rebuilt by Delft Theatres to be a wonder of modern technology. Not only could this futuristic theater project motion pictures in COLOR and with SOUND, but on warm days this building had the ability to draw in clean uncontaminated air from above the rooftops and cool it down before pushing it into the building! The ultimate in cutting edge, state of the art technology!

The high tech Michigan Theater would continue to operate under Delft Theatres until Saturday, November 24th 1962. It’s last movie was coincidentally called “Period of Adjustment.” This would leave only the Delft Theater one block down showing movies in Escanaba. What a shame.

Accurate and cross referenceable information gets difficult to find after the Michigan Theater closed. What we believe happened is that Delft Theatres held ownership of it until 1975, when Melcorp Theaters took over until 1985. From here on out it seems that this poor building got rented out for quite a few different reasons, including being a church, a clothing store, and a pigeon motel. We have been told that there were movies shown here in 1988 and 1989, but we cannot find any specifics on who was operating the theater. Despite this, good old memories of watching this movie or that at the Michigan Theater still can be heard from the more experienced generations. Keep your ear out and I am sure you’ll start to hear them.

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Info Updates:
12/6/2021 - Steven Godfrey
This building was purchased by a local couple in 2019. They are currently raising funds with the goal of renovating this theater and reopening it as a second run theater and retro 80's video arcade. More information can be found at https://www.theoldmichigan.com/
Michigan Theatre - Vintage Pic
Vintage Pic
Michigan Theatre - Recent Pic
Recent Pic
Michigan Theatre - Recent Pic
Recent Pic
Michigan Theatre - Recent Pic
Recent Pic
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