Cinema Four Theatres

Address: 816 E Preston Rd
City: Mount Pleasant
State: MI
County: Isabella
Owner History: Jack Loeks Theatres
Number of visits to this page: 7106
Notes: AKA Campus 1 and 2
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3/18/2020 - Michael
When I was growing up about 30 minutes north of Mt. Pleasant, I saw many many movies at this theater throughout the 80's and 90's. It was the closest larger theater (by the standards then) that had more than one screen and decent sound. In a pre internet age, and as a kid who was always into much bigger things than much of northern Michigan could offer, movies were my window to a larger and more exciting world. Sometimes I would have my parents drop me off at the Cinema Four to see a movie while they ran errands or did other things I wasn't very interested in. I saw dozens of movies there over the years, but a handful I remember specifically were An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Back to the Future II, Dragonheart, Mr. Holland's Opus, Demolition Man, and the movie that changed the direction of my career, Jurassic Park. At the time of seeing Jurassic Park on opening day on June 11, 1993, the Cinema Four had just been equipped to handle DTS surround sound. Jurassic Park was the very first movie to even carry a DTS surround mix. I can remember the whole area turning out to see the movie that night on opening day, and the theater was packed. I held my ticket stub in my hand through the whole movie, and by the end it was as limp as cloth from my wringing it through my hand with excitement and tension. This changed my focus even as a kid, and I decided that night to make film and television my career. I later went on to film school and have worked as a television producer and editor ever since. I can also remember sitting in the theater's main lobby as I waited to go in to see my movie, and hearing the few arcade games there running through their demos. The one in particular that I remember was the shooter game Operation Wolf by Taito. That game was in the lobby for years. Another memory from this theater that I have, was in 1995 when the movie Ace Ventura When Nature Calls came out. Jack Loek's theaters, which owned the Cinema Four, offered a large Ace Ventura popcorn bucket for around $20. When you bought it, it allowed you free popcorn refills for the entire summer, or possibly longer at around 3 to 4 months. Considering what concessions cost, it was an incredible deal! During my first year in college at CMU just across Mission, I would even go to discount movies in the theater's later years, in between classes when there was time. The Cinema Four was essentially just a plain big box theater complex, but that was much more normal at the time, and it was great. Most other theaters in the area were similar to the Ward and Broadway, also in Mt. Pleasant, and were single screens in old vaudeville-style stage theaters. Despite changing standards, I was sad to return to Mt. Pleasant one year to find the Cinema Four demolished. It was one of my own little worlds growing up, along with just a couple other theaters in Central Michigan, and it had a big impact on me.
7/14/2005 - Seth Landon
When I was just recently at the old sight of the theatre I noticed that at least the sloped floors to screen 1 and 2 where still their. A wall Greens now sits in the old parking lot of the theatre Just feet from where the building stood. If olnly they could have saved it. I have seen many movies their in my life infact the last one I saw their was dinasour. That was just about a year or so before it was tore down. For a cinema this one I liked. It was small but very nice not dull compared to otherones I have been in.
5/28/2003 - Web
This theatre was closed and demolished in the summer of 2002 to make way for a Walgreens. Towards the end of its existence it only ran second run shows at 2.00 a person.
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