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Studio New Center

Address: 3rd St & W Grand Blvd
City: Detroit State: MI Zip: Phone:  
County: Wayne
Notes: AKA: Attic
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Open: 1966 Closed: Capacity: 530    
Owner: Unknown
Web Address: N/A
Number of visits to this page since Sept 2013: 1081

I remember the STUDIO NEW CENTER theater. It was located on the same block that Dittrick Furs is on, Third Ave. It was also right in back of the Fisher Theater. Its crosstreet was W Grand Blvd. The theater showed first run esoteric films that most art houses carried.

I remember seeing PUTNEY SWOPE there in the late sixties. It was a black and white film that was quite controversial at the time; including some very risque racial stereotypes. the theater was packed to the rafters because it was so contrivercial. I also saw SAVE THE TIGER there with the role that would win Jack Lemmon his second Oscar.

The theater had only one floor, but sat about 1200 people. I remember seeing IN COLD BLOOD there; another black and white. This theater is not to be confused with the CENTER theater that was on Woodward right off of W Grand Blvd. The STUDIO NEW CENTER didn''t last too long.

I think maybe only 10 years or so. I know that business had fallen off quite a bit when all of the malls started showing movies. the theater was always clear; but I remember that I sat in theater many times with hardly any audience. It wasn''t that way in the beginning when people still knew the trill of going to a downtown theater.

The malls killed most of the downtown theaters and all of the neighborhood theaters. Too bad!!!!!!!.
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