Mackinaw Theatre

Address: 220 S Huron Avenue
City: Mackinaw City
State: MI
Zip: 49701
County: Mackinac
Open: 1998
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 6592
Notes: Thanks to John Ignatowski for info on this.
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7/10/2007 - shirley
i was wondering if the theatre is still open during the summer, and would like a schedule. thank you. please email me back
12/21/2006 - Ron Tripp
This theatre is in Cheboygan County. Mackinac County is north of the bridge (St. Ignace). Actually, Mackinaw City is part in Cheboygan County and part in Emmet County ... but Mackinaw Crossings, where this theatre is, is in Cheboygan County.
11/2/2006 - John Ignatowski
On October 22, 2006 the theater will stage its last show and on the following day, interior demolition will commence to remodel the building as a sporting goods store.
11/2/2006 - Web
The Mackinaw Theater, located in the Mackinaw Crossing shopping district, has been thrilling audiences for over eight years with outstanding performances such as "Lost in the Fifties", "Men on Ice", "Forever Plaid", Mel Tillis, Charlie Daniels, "Reflections", "The Rat Pack", and many more. This 821 seat state-of-the-art theater provides entertainment for all age groups from children to seniors. The performances are sure to teach younger audiences the importance of music and art while taking our older audiences on an inspiring trip back in time. The Mackinaw Theater season runs from May through October with two performances a day, except Mondays. Our matinee show starts at 3:00 PM and our evening show starts at 7:30 PM. Call 877-43-STAGE (78243) for more information. While visiting Mackinaw City make sure to be a part of a spectacular performance at the Mackinaw Theater, shop at the worldly Mackinaw Crossings, and have a fabulous dinner at the Historic Depot Restaurant, all at the foot of the great Mackinaw Bridge. Mark your calendar for a visit and we'll see you here!
11/2/2006 - Web
The spectacular Mackinaw Theater debuted in 1998; bringing Northern Michigan a state-of- the-art performance venue., "The Mack", located within Mackinaw Crossings, has continued to provide exciting entertainment for patrons of all ages each season. Seating 821 patrons, "The Mack" affords our audiences with excellent sight lines and a true sense of intimacy with the performers from lighting to sophisticated sound systems. "The Mack" is truly one of Northern Michigan's must see attractions! In 1998, world-renowned Greg Thompson, of Greg Thompson Productions, presented "Stagestruck" to the delight of our audiences. "Stagestruck" captured all of the excitement of Broadway; featuring many of the best known songs and scenes from the classic hits of Broadway. In 1999, Greg Thompson Productions returned to "The Mack" with "Hollywood" a Las Vegas-type review of all of the Oscar Winning Songs of yester years. In 2000 and 2001, "The Mack" was pleased to present "Lost in the Fifties", the award winning musical that originated in Branson, Missouri, the heartland of America's musical heritage. "Lost in the Fifties", a hot-rod, rock n’ roll, sock-hop musical was first created by Mike Meece of Mike Meece Productions. Mr. Meece returned to "The Mack" in 2002 and 2003 with "L'Harmonie", an original production capturing the very best of America's entire musical heritage. In 2004, "The Mack" hosted "Forever Plaid"; the long running and popular musical from Broadway, and "Guys On Ice", the comedic spoof of life's lessons learned while ice fishing. Both "Forever Plaid" and "Guys On Ice" were produced by Compass Productions, a national production company known for bringing theater excellence to many of America's Theaters and Centers of Performing Arts. In 2005, Bernard Porter, of Porter Consulting in Nashville, Tennessee assumed control of "The Mack" resulting in an entirely new and even more exciting direction to the increased delight of our growing audiences. Mr. Porter produced and presented "Reflections", a high-energy "legends-type" musical review featuring a variety of talented performers presenting uncanny impersonations of all of America's Musical Icons. Elvis, Patsy Cline, Frank Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix, The Beach Boys, and Buddy Holly were but a few of the Musical Giants in "Reflections" to visit "The Mack" in 2005. In addition to "Reflections", Mr. Porter also interspersed the 2005 season with a variety of top-notch brand entertainers ranging from "The Golden Dragon Chinese Acrobats" and "The Rat Pack" to Charlie Daniels Band and Nashville's legendary Mel Tillis. Bernard Porter's 2006 Goal is simply to bring more excitement to Northern Michigan by dramatically expanding the diversity and the talent. The 2006 season promises to continue the pledge of "The Mack" to bring the very best in entertainment to our audience and provide something for everyone in the entire family! If you are traveling near Mackinaw City you owe it to yourself and your family to visit "The Mack" and enjoy "Big City Entertainment" amid all the natural beauty of Northern Michigan!
Mackinaw Theatre - A FEW YEARS BACK
Mackinaw Theatre - A FEW YEARS BACK
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Mackinaw Theatre - FROM WEB SITE
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