Your Theatre

Address: 3748 E Forest Ave
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
Open: 1913
Capacity: 800
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 2066
Notes: AKA: Florence
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4/12/2011 - Larry Rinaldi
This theater was located on Forest and Mt. Elliot and still stands as a church. It was close to the Borden milk company on Forest. 12 cents was the admission fare for children when I first attended. I saw the film Nearer My Heart To Thee, a Disney film. Pecos Bill also. My sister and I spent many afternoons watching double features, shorts, serials, coming attractions and newsreels. Dishes were given out weekly to draw people in. This movie house and the Rialto were the two we attended in our neighborhood. The neighborhood was primarily Italian although, WWII brought many changes. We left in 1954 but this theater was always remembered and still do. Google Street scape will show you what it looks like today. I still travel down those streets today via Google.
3/22/2011 - Ben
I remember the Your Theater. When I was a little boy my Mom took us there. They gave away dinner plates for the price of admission. One plate for 1 admission, it took many weeks to get a set of dishes. I believe the Your Theatre was on Mt. Elliot near either Canfield of Forest, not quite sure. Seems to me we went there in the late 40's and very early 50's. We moved from the area in 1951.
1/15/2004 - Cinema Treasures
The Florence originally opened in 1913 and was remodeled and enlarged to seat over 800 six years later by Christian W. Brandt, who went on to design Detroit theaters such as the Cinderella, its sister the Roosevelt, and the Senate. In 1914, the Florence received the unusual new name of Your Theatre, and remained in operation into the early 50s. It has long since been demolished.
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