Garden Theatre

Address: 118 N. Washington Avenue
City: Lansing
State: MI
County: Ingham
Owner History:
Number of visits to this page: 1826
Notes: AKA Downtown, the Star and Mead's Hall
Info Updates:
6/12/2003 - Lansing Public Library
The Garden Theater was located at 118 N. Washington Avenue and also went by the names, Downtown, the Star and Meads Hall. The Garden began life as Meads Hall in 1866 and hosted several well known theater acts as well as many of Americas finest orators. In 1876 the hall was the site of the local Centennial. In the late 1890s due to increasing competition, the popularity of Meads Hall began to wane. For another view and more information about the Garden Theater just follow the link.
Garden Theatre - OLD PIC OF THE GARDEN
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