Union Park - Saginaw MI

City: Saginaw
State: MI
County: Saginaw
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Was also a horse track, is now a residential area. The track was near State St. and Bond. From MI-Harness.net: Union Park, Saginaw's great horse racing layout, on the first afternoon welcomed its first harness meet, July 17, 1888. From then onward until the early 1900's it every season attracted the nation's fastest horseflesh to its mile oval.

By 1905 its popularity had waned, and by 1909 it had been subdivided and its lots were selling at auction. Where Union Park flourished for 20-odd years now is one of the thriving, growing residential sections. The entrance was at State & Bond, and the park area was bounded by the railroad tracks west of Durand, by Weiss on the North and on the east by Benjamin.

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