North Star Motel - Charlevoix MI

Address: 1407 Bridge St
City: Charlevoix
State: MI
Zip: 49720
County: Charlevoix
Number of visits to this page: 445

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General Information:

The 10-unit North Star goes back to the mid 1950's and was started by George 'Jerry' Gibbons. It was sold in the early 1960's. Clara Parsel (who also owned Parsel Garage next door) operated it for many years and eventually sold it to Roger Peacock and Ronald Taepke in 1985. A fire occurred in 1991 but thankfully there were no injuries as the motel was closed at the time.

I had the article about the fire sitting in one of my pending folders for a long time as I didn't have the exact address. Looking back at the newspaper archives, I found an article from 1959 that indicated a lightning strike damaged an A&W next door that also affected the motel. That info helped me determine the general location on Bridge St. Another ad said Holiday Gas (still there as of 2023) was across the street so that checks out also.

I am not 100% positive the remains of the A&W sitting there today is the same building as the one mentioned in 1959 so it is a bit confusing. There were several motels along that stretch then and now. Unfortunately all I have is the old 1991 news photo from the fire but I will keep my eye out for an old color postcard.

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