Victory Theatre - Detroit MI

Address: 8225 Grand River Avenue
City: Detroit
State: MI
Zip: 48204
County: Wayne
Owner History:
Theater Type: Neighborhood House
Number of visits to this page: 2622
General Information:

This address is now an empty lot.

Source: Tom McCarthy

The Victory Theater was at 8225 Grand River Ave. In 1951 I saw "The Thing from Another World" there and was scared silly.

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11/16/2004 - Walter Hermance
Have no pics or address, but the Victory Theater was on Grand River about 5 blocks south of the Riviera and the Annex theaters. I believe Oregon was the closest side street. My friends and I were there almost every Sat. in the 40,s. I was an usher there in 1947, my first job.
Victory Theatre - 1922 PHOTO
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