Holiday Inn - Southfield - Southfield MI

Address: 26555 Telegraph Rd
City: Southfield
State: MI
Zip: 48075
County: Oakland
Number of visits to this page: 291
General Information:

This location was built as a pretty standard Holiday Inn but later added a tower with a revolving restaurant on top. I worked here as a bellboy/room service for a few months back in my high school days. The tips were good and they gave you a free basic lunch from the kitchen in those days. It was fun because you could roam the joint and nobody really knew where you were.

This location was known for the "Red Wing Lounge" which used to have hockey players hanging out quite often. Someone in the Abel family (I think it was Sid's son who managed the place) had married one of the Howe's (Gordie's family) as I recall. So, it became a gathering place for Red Wing Hockey royalty.

I used to change the letters on the original sign which is probably the most iconic ever in the lodging industry. Sadly, none of those marquee signs are still standing. This location eventually went under as a Holiday Inn and numerous other owners have had it over the years. The restaurant no longer revolves. The last time I was over that way the place was still standing but no indication remains of the Holiday Inn chain.

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