Greenwood Theatre

Address: 5408 Hamilton Avenue
City: Detroit
State: MI
County: Wayne
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11/4/2018 - Ed McMurray
The Greenwood theater was torn down to make way for the Xway downtown. I believe it was 1950 or so. As a teen and young man I rode I-94 past the schoolyard of Tilden School. I was a young man in the 60's when Tilden was torn down. I remember going downtown and walking up Kirby to the school just before it was torn down. I lived in a six apartment building at 5244 Third, near the Murray Hall Hotel. I have a picture of Tilden if the administrator will post it. I got it from Wayne States photo library.
1/23/2013 - Xemo Williams
I thought the Greenwood had been torn down in the early 50's to make way for the expressway, perhaps not. I do remember all the abandoned houses left standing along Brooklyn Ave in which we used to wage raging slingshot and peashooter wars unil I finally moved to the suburbs. As a kid, I went there on the weekend and stayed all day, watching double feature movies, cartoons, and whatever shorts being shown. Fifty cents was a fortune at the concession stand. During the week I went with my parents on dish towel, flatware, or dish night. I think it may have been wednesday night. I went to McKinley school on Hamilton until the construction took it. After that I went to Tilden (Tildon?) at Brooklyn and Kirby. My favorite teacher was a woman named Miss Perry who was a social studies teacher I think. She told wonderful children stories to our class. I remember some of the kids names from those days, but have no idea what ever happened to them. Brenda Baird, Bill, Schwartz, Jimmy, and Barbara Black, Eddie Volick, Betty Keyes, Donna Carmack, Sandra Milstein, Linda Springer, Billy Bray, A girl with freckles that lived across the street from me, and her little brother, Tommy. I think her name was Barbara, anyway, she had freckles and I had a crush on her. Not sure of some of the spelling on these names, but they sound correct. All these kids went to the Greenwood virtually every weekend that I lived in the area and it holds many memories for me. I'll be 73 this coming may, so I don't expect my mailbox to be flooded with responses on this submission, but it was enjoyable reliving those events.
11/24/2009 - Kathy
5408 Hamilton Avenue. Source: R.L. Polk Detroit City Directory 1922.
3/30/2009 - shirley
Location: Hamilton
1/10/2004 - Box Office Magazine
May 1958 - The old Greenwood Theatre, laster operated by David Korman, has now been turned into a church.
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