Temple Theatre - Petoskey MI

Address: E. Lake St.
City: Petoskey
State: MI
Zip: 49770
County: Emmet
Owner History:
Theater Type: Downtown Movie Palace
Number of visits to this page: 6756

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General Information:

This is the same location as the Gaslight Theater

Source: Michelle Moose

Yes this is a picture of the old Gaslight Cinema...before it was known as the Gaslight Cinema, it was known as the Temple. I know of this because I am from the area, and my mom and stepdad used to go to the Temple and the Hollywood when they were both kids when both of the business were still in operation. I only live about 10 miles from both of the locations. Also, the Gaslight Cinema was torn down recently due to being bought out for the building of a new hotel/condo/resort complex.

Info Updates:
6/16/2013 - Gigi Galt
This is the Temple Theater in Petoskey on Petoskey Street. It used to go all the way down to the waterfront before the highway was put in. (Now there is a tunnel that goes underneath and leads to Bayfront Park. (City dock, marina, ball park, paved path that lead to Charlevoix and Harbor Springs––biking, roller blading, and walking. ) Less Taylor ran the Temple back in the 1940s and 1950s. He also ran the Palace Theater on Howard Street (about mid-block). Both theaters showed the latest in movies. The Temple was the larger and more beautiful of the two theaters. (Leslie Taylor may have owned both theaters, but the 1958 City Directory for Petoskey shows him as the manager of the Temple Theater. He used to drive a 1930’s Black Packard. My grandpa said he spent more money on that car than if he bought a brand new one. He was a gentleman and soft spoken. He lived next to the Wintersports Park in Petoskey by the old entrance to the left of it in what might be called a small Dutch Colonial House. Near to these theaters, was another one called The Hollywood. It was on Lake Street fairly close to Petoskey Street.
2/7/2012 - Tom
The first year the Temple Theater opened was 1937, according to the Otsego County Herald, Gaylord.
Temple Theatre - Old Photo
Old Photo
Temple Theatre - Old Photo
Old Photo
Temple Theatre - Old Photo
Old Photo
Temple Theatre - April 25 1973 Ad
April 25 1973 Ad
Temple Theatre - 04 Aug 1965 Ad
04 Aug 1965 Ad
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